what is a cleanse?

Juice cleansing is a commitment to abstain from solid food for a set period of days or weeks in which only a combination of juiced fruit/vegetables and nut milks are consumed. A Raw Cleanse is a commitment to consume only raw (not heated over 40 C) fruits, nuts and vegetables for a set period.

These processes are designed to aid the body’s natural toxin elimination process whilst simultaneously resting the digestion system - flooding it with live nutrients that support regeneration and healing on a cellular level.

Our bespoke packages are carefully put together to provide a tailor made cleanse to suit your own personal needs and lifestyle. You will be fully supported throughout your journey with us, from your pre cleanse consultation to your post cleanse aftercare. We will be on hand to answer any questions that may arise throughout the process and to give guidance along the way.

Why cleanse?

For all the advantages of life today in the modern post Industrial Revolution Western world, there are also considerable collective and individual draw backs as we, as a species continue to move further away from the natural ways of living we previously employed for millennia. For the vast majority of human history we typically lived in smaller more connected communities, in more natural environments, and in better harmony with nature, the land and the changing of the seasons.

In recent times, as farming practices have shifted towards aggressive chemical use on our plants and soil as the norm, so called ‘conventional’ fruits and vegetables now come infused with a concoction of pesticides that are hard to remove in the home. Unfortunately the toxic influence on our system doesn’t stop there. The contamination in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are at unprecedented levels. Added to this the cultural encouragement of over consumption of alcohol, our addiction to screens, caffeine, sugar..  Industrial chemicals, household cleaning products, beauty products.. ( the list goes on) and our bodies are being bombarded with a barrage of unnatural toxins that are the root cause of many of the prevalent health issues experienced today, as well as widespread  feelings of stress, disconnectivity and depression. We need to return to a state of balance and allow the inherent wisdom of the body to be supported with our thoughts and actions, starting with the foods we consume. Changing habits can be a slow process for many of us and a well planned juice cleanse is a powerful tool to promote real change and detoxification on a deep cellular level – essentially empowering the body to heal itself - whilst simultaneously giving us the clarity and motivation to engage more fully with our own journey to optimum wellness which benefits not only ourselves but everyone around us.

Why Choose Alkalize Me?

Our juices are made with a true passion for health and wellness in our Plant Based Space in South London. Our attention is fully focussed on the art of creating the most optimum products possible for your consumption. Our juices are potent, powerful, packed with vitality and truly stand out from the crowd. Some of the methods we employ to ensure the best possible experience include;

  •          Using only hand selected organic plants and vegetables.

  •          Making every batch in house ourselves using the cold pressed juicing method.

  •          Using glass bottles only.

  •          Our products are freshly juiced and then delivered – untreated.

  • We give between 3 and 3.5 litres of juice, milk and shots with our cleanse packages.

  •          High Vibrational Intentions for every bottle.

We love engaging with our clients on a personal level and welcome you to visit our Plant Based Space in South East London to chat about how we can assist you in becoming your greatest version. You can sample our raw snacks and juices before you commit to a cleanse, browse our health library and see which workshops we have on offer. Opening times vary so get in touch at info@alkalizeme.co.uk  to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can be of service. Alternatively we can arrange to talk on the phone and deliver the samples to your door.