About Us

After a lifetime of following the 'Standard Western Diet' (lots of meat, dairy and processed foods), I found myself in a poor state of health. Overweight, sick and stressed out. Sadly in today's society, this state is almost considered 'normal'! 

After having my 'wake up' moment I knew I had to take massive action to detoxify myself from a cellular level and embarked on a transformational journey of health and wellness that continues to be an exhilarating and life affirming path to freedom. After initially consuming only raw, juiced fruit and vegetables for 80 days, I found the changes in me so profound that I knew I had to share these 'secrets' with the world.

Fast forward to today and 'Alkalize Me' has a range of Organic, Raw and Biodynamic cold pressed juices which are the culmination of my research and experience in the optimisation of cellular regeneration and detoxification through consuming raw, living foods.

Everything we produce is 100% raw, organic, unpasteurised and aids in bringing the body back to it's natural state of balance. Bespoke 'cleanse' options are available, delivered to your door, as well as a range of raw, tasty snacks.


Get Alkalised! 

Garry Crouch - founder of Alkalize Me