Stephanie-head of dept, london

Incredible experience!

I discovered juicing and Alkalize me randomly and it had an amazing effect on me after a few days. I felt a lot more focused and energised; my senses were sharp and I had clarity of mind. My productivity at work increased and my colleagues were intrigued. I now come back to juicing whenever I can; especially when I have big decisions to take or a stressful period ahead as it helps me get through it a lot easier.

November 2018

tom - development manager, london

Try it and see, truly amazing!!

At the outset I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical regarding doing a cleanse however having listened to Garry and recognising his enthusiasm for creating only the best results, I decided to take the plunge and order a three day cleanse pack. I feared that I would experience fatigue and hunger on day three but to the contrary, my energy levels increased, I felt really healthy, I finally hit my target weight and I was not hungry at all, in fact on day two I was struggling to finish the servings. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Alkalize Me products were everything that Garry made them out to be and more. As far as product quality is concerned Garry has something really big here. I wish him the very best with it and am happy to highly recommend a trial three day cleanse. Don't take my word for it, try it and see for yourself. 

May 2018

maria tjader-london

Juice Medicine!

The package that Garry had carefully put together is well balanced and I wasn't surprised that I never once felt hungry, apart from on the last day when I forgot to bring a juice with me out!
I did experience a rollercoaster of emotions prior to and during the cleanse as I was on a 'cleaner diet' for 3 days beforehand, something Garry highly recommended as part of the Pre-cleanse in one of his many encouraging e-mails that I received.
Although it was emotionally challenging as I used to be an emotional eater I felt more clear, lighter and as if my energy levels were more balanced.
Ten days post cleanse and I feel more determined, less drawn to unhealthy sweet treats and more able to listen to what my body truly is asking for.
Thank you yet again Garry for all the love, support, passion and dedication in helping us live healthier and happier lives. Your medicine is a blessing!

November 2017